Dublin is not only the capital city of Ireland, but also the capital for contemporary art. From art galleries situated in Georgian houses to those that are within beautiful art spaces; Dublin is indeed a happy place for those who appreciate arts. Here is a list of the best contemporary art galleries in Dublin.

Kerlin Gallery

Kerlin Gallery was established in 1998 and has developed a name among Ireland’s top contemporary art galleries. The current gallery was designed by architect John Pawson last 1994 and is divided into two floors. It is located in the center of Dublin City, near Grafton Street; the gallery’s exhibit features several highlights including Andy Warhol retrospective in 1993 and two Hiroshi Sugimoto exhibits. Their latest exhibits include the work of the popular Irish artist Dorothy Cross, with scriptures and images that portrays the relation between the natural world and the human beings. In addition, the gallery has also featured several artists that were nominated for the Turner Prize. With the increasing number of notable artists that have exhibited in Kerlin Gallery, they remain to be one of the best galleries in Dublin in the contemporary arts arena.

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While Dublin is currently making the headlines for being financially unstable, the local Irish artists, designers, and writers are definitely making the most of it. They are taking over closed shops, unused garages, and empty warehouses; turning them into spaces for art exhibits, performances and gigs. For the past 18 months, Dublin has created collectives and non-profit organizations to keep their spaces up and running through the use of private funds, as well as several government grants. It has gradually become a city of popped-up spaces and the development is almost unimaginable just a few years back. Here is a list of some of the best independent art exhibits that you can enjoy in Dublin.

The Independent Art Scene in Dublin

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More often than not, museums are among a tourist’s itinerary when discovering a new place. When you visit a city that has a love for art and artifacts like Dublin, then you’d surely find a handful of museums that you’ll enjoy exploring. The museum scene in Dublin would mostly contain what museum-goers are looking for in a gallery.

Historical galleries in Dublin would mostly give you an idea about the cultural history of Ireland; from a writer’s museum to the James Joyce Centre. Inside them, you’d surely find interesting works from several of Ireland’s popular and talented artists over the years; you’d find yourself amazed of the Irish culture.

The Best Museums in Ireland

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Dublin is the home of many famous poets, playwrights, musicians, sportsmen, actors, and even the famous character of a logo. The capital city of Ireland is widely known for producing extraordinary talents for the past decades. Thus, if you are planning to visit Dublin, the list of 10 of the most popular artists of the city will surely get you up and running.

The Famous People from Dublin

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Dublin is the home of many famous poets, writers, and playwrights. More often than not, we may have come across their work during our literature class and we just don’t have even the slightest idea that they are Irish. This is primarily the reason why it would be best that we get to know them a little better.

Notable Irish Artists

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